England Throws Camps

ETC was envisaged and founded by a number of coaches that are dedicated to building a better future for shot put, discus, javelin and hammer in the UK.

We are dedicated to developing athletes and coaches from grass roots to world class perfomance in a hollistic, scientific and structured process.

We bring together hundreds of collective years of experience in throwing, performance coaching, development coaching, coach education, scientific research, physical development & strength and conditioning.

What We Do

The Team at ETC provides a number of primary services that are designed to aid coaches and athletes in their development.  These include:

  • From beginner to elite performance technical input.
  • Bio-mechanical assessment and feedback.
  • Planning, preparation and periodisation.
  • General & Specific physical preparation.
  • Psychology of training and competing.
  • Nutrition and fuelling the body for success.

These aspects are all delivered in a combination of residential camps, group tuition, remote video support and 1-2-1 sessions.

Throws Quadrathlon Competition

Deadline February 28th!

Win £50 in vouchers for Neuff and England Throws Camps

  1. Video yourself doing the 4 tests.
  2. Make sure you follow the rules and show the full test, including the measurements.
  3. Upload your video on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, or email to sales@neuff.co.uk
  • Include your raw measurements, gender and age
  • Tag @NeuffAthletic @englandthrowscamps #advicepleasecoach and your athletics club
  • England Throws Camps will calculate your points and add you to the leaderboard

Our Partners

NAC Gold no back ground

Athletes We Sponsor

Part of our mandate is to aid throws athletes outside of central funding by sponsoring them in return for their assistance in educating and inspiring athletes on our camps.

Lewis Byng

Phoebe Dowson

Zara Obamakinwa

Lily Carlaw

George Hyde

Taia Tunstall