Warm Weather

ETC provides warm weather training camps for athletes that aspire to or are already established on the talent pathway.  Warm weather training camps are conducted by ETC coaches in professional locations with the aim of preparing athletes for their upcoming competitive seasons.

All ETC warm weather camps are by invitation only and screening of athletes is needed in order to ensure that  the camp is the right environment for them to further their athletic development.

Why Should I Consider Warm Weather Training?

  • Better Climate means more throws in optimum conditions
  • Large volume of throwing allows for rapid technical improvement
  • Fine tuning for fast start to competitive season
  • Taste the elite athlete lifestyle
  • Take advantage of world class facilities

What is the Selection Policy for Warm Weather Training?

  • The Athlete Must Have a Training Age of at Least 4 or 5 Years
  • The Athlete Must be Physically Robust
  • The Athlete Must Be Participating in a Structured Conditioning Program.
  • The Athlete Should be Ranked Highly on Power of 10.
  • Must be Aged 15 or Over.

Please Contact Us Below if You Want to Be Considered for Our Next Warm Weather Camp

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