Drills and Exercises for You to Try

We aim to share drills and exercises with the wider throws community to support athlete and coach development. These exercises and drills can be done with minimal specialist equipment and can be done away from a dedicated training environment.  Training doesn’t stop at the track!

Drill and Exercise Safety

Please be aware that a number of these drills require the athlete to swing either the implements, weights or similar that could fly off if released by the athlete. Whilst this is unlikely, the exercises should be performed under control and at a suitable speed so that the risks of injury are minimised both to the athlete and anyone else who might be within range.

Garden Grind Physical Prep for Throwers

Fed up with lockdown?  Want to stay in shape for when we get back to throwing?  Have limited access to equipment?  Download our Garden Grind free of charge for a weekly workout that will keep you in good condition ready for an explosive return to chucking

Discus Drills

Isolating and working specific technical elements of the throw can be very useful in developing appreciation and competence in specific phases of the throw.  Stuart Carlaw, founder of ETC shares some drills featuring Lily Carlaw, U15 National Champion Discus thrower. This page outlines some drills that will aid athletes and coaches achieving excellence in the preparation, entry, airborne, transition and delivery phases of the discus throw.

Hammer Drills

England Athletics National Talent Event Lead for hammer, Gary Herrington with Lucy Marshall- Herrington (England Hammer International) share some drills to aid the development and competence for hammer throwing. These drills will help athletes and coaches appreciate, develop and understand key specific points relating to multiple phases of the throw.