Summer Camp

May 27th, 28th, 29th 2022

The ETC summer camp is designed to help athletes continue to return to training post COVID and prepare for a push into the late summer and winter training periods with the best possible guidance and preparation.

Athletes will spend two and a half days working on technical tweaks, psychology of competing, nutritional preparation for competition and also physiological preparation.   Athletes will  have dedicated 1-2-1 sessions with England Athletics Technical Event Leads as well as other practitioners.

Coaches on the camp will attend sessions on the technical excellence frameworks, interventions, observation, physical prep strategies and periodisation for athletic development.  Informal coach networking sessions will be available to share best practice and ideas.

Why Should I Attend?


  • Learn from experienced international throws coaches.
  • Develop your technical model.
  • Understand physical preparation.
  • Improve your psychological approach.
  • Gain insight on the impact of Nutrition on performance.
  • Be exposed to the camp and team environment.
  • Prepare for the summer season.
  • Have fun in a group of dedicate throwers.



  • Understand the technical models more keenly.
  • Develop your observation skills.
  • Improve your understanding of how best to intervene.
  • Conduct Functional Movement Screening.
  • Develop knowledge on Periodisation and Planning.
  • Understand physiology and preparation.
  • Appreciate the psychology of throwing.
  • Learn more on bio-mechanics and nutrition.

Facilities & Accommodation

These include dedicated S&C suites, 2 indoor throwing areas, cryogenic chambers, ice baths, lecture theatres, classrooms, social centre and athletics track.  These impressive facilities allow ETC to provide a quality learning experience that isn’t subject to compromise.  Rooming for all athletes and coaches is in single en-suite rooms.  Each room has access to a common room and small kitchen area.  All meals are provided at the Social Hub and Main dining room.

Camp Schedule

26th May 2022

  1. Arrival 17.30
  2. Q&A
  3. Accommodation allocation


27th May 2022

  1. Mobility and Movement Skills
  2. Physical Prep
  3. Throwing


28th May 2022

  1. Final Technical Tweaks
  2. 1-2-1 Review
  3. Wrap Up


” A camp that finally allows coaches and athletes to interact, in a specialist, high quality training environment, bringing together many of the country’s best young throwers. The course adopted a practical led approach, rather than a lecture and literature led approach, but at the same time, managed to strike the ‘right’ balance between knowledge transfer and learning. A fun, open and inclusive environment”

Rob S. 2019 Spring Camp Coach Attendee

“The best part was the level of coaching with the attention to detail in drills, techniques and aspects of training. Also the International athlete talks was interesting and inspiring. I loved the variety and the mix of learning opportunities.”

Lucy J. 2019 Spring Camp Athlete Attendee

“The best parts for me was watching and learning from experienced coaches. Picking up numerous coaching tips, new screening tests, movement skills etc… Most importantly seeing the improvements in the athletes in such a short window and also the fun they were all having. Hopefully creating a good network with other coaches so that I can tap into their experiences and vice versa. And finally seeing that the throws community in the UK has lots and lots of potential all the way from coaches to athletes.”

Vito R. 2019 Spring Camp Coach Attendee

Booking Open

Click on the button below and select the correct option in the shop to book your place on the camp.  We have limited spaces available due to group size restrictions.  Don’t Wait!


  • Coach – Full Board Residential, Single Room – £205
  • Athlete – Full Board Residential, Single Room – £295
  • Each Coach Bringing 2 Athletes will get a 25% Discount.


Set in the heart of Northamptonshire and central to the country, Moulton college puts its considerable facilities at the disposal of ETC.  Located close to the M1 and A14 it is ideally situated to support athletes travelling from all corners of the UK.